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Raising children is hard.

It's even harder when you're doing it alone.

  • Feeling like you have more questions than answers when it comes to parenting?
  • Struggling to connect your child to their culture?
  • Constantly wondering if you're doing it right?

You adopted your child because you wanted to give a new life to them. To love them. To watch them grow up into the best version of themselves.

At Identity, we believe you shouldn't have to do it all alone.

Because when 

parents are equipped

children are empowered

And when children are empowered, 

families thrive.

You don't have to go it alone anymore.

Join a community of people who get it - like-minded parents, supportive adoptees, and experienced adoption experts.

Support Your Child

Learn how to help your children throughout their different stages and support them as they develop their identity.

Parent with Confidence

Discover the joy of parenting, knowing you've created the right space for your child to understand who they are and develop into the best version of themselves.

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Become part of a growing community of foster & adoptive parents to share your questions, your struggles, and your joys with.

What Other Parents Are Saying:


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I think this is a wonderful resource, something I wish I had from day one in the adoption process. I tell everyone about it!


Community Member

This learning community has encouraged, challenged, and grown me in ways no other adoptive parenting resource has.

The stories and information shared have been powerful, practical, and perspective-shifting for me as a transracial adoptive parent.

 I am forever grateful for the adoptees who have invested their time and energy into our families through Identity.


Community Member

Identity gathers resources for adoptive parents and perspective adoptive parents to challenge the frame work that they have been presented about adoption.

Through a model that focuses on the perspective and expertise of adoptees, Identity is breathing fresh life into a stagnant narrative. 

You can create a thriving family.

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Create a Thriving Family

Parent with confidence, knowing you have the support and guidance of hundreds of other parents, adoptees, and adoption experts who've been where you are.

You've got this.

We know you adopted your child because you wanted to give a new life to them.

To love them. 

To watch them grow up into the best version of themselves.

We get it - parenting is hard. And parenting without a community that understands is even harder.

At Identity, we believe you shouldn't have to go it alone. After all, parenting isn’t meant to be done in isolation. That’s why we created a community of parents, adoptees, and adoption experts to walk with you as your child grows.  

Because when parents are equipped, children are empowered.

And when children are empowered, families thrive.

And when families thrive - the world becomes a place of opportunity and purpose for everyone.

So join the community today. When you join, we’ll meet you where you are and make sure you get connected to the people and the resources you need to thrive.

You don’t have to go it alone anymore. 

You can parent your child with confidence, knowing you're doing it right.

We've got you. You've got this.